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Supreme Edit’s attention to service and detail has made us an industry leader. We offer assistance in all areas of academic proofreading and editing services. We provide proofreading services for students in all areas of academia and also provide editing services for dissertations, essays; reports job applications and business documents. We have an eye for details, and therefore promise to deliver a perfect paper, free of grammatical errors and unnecessary flaws.

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Our editors work on academic papers such as essays, reports, dissertations, literature reviews, case studies and any other academic piece of writing. They also edit and proofread job applications and business documents.

You need to give us a list of your references and our editors will edit those references to ensure that they are in the correct format requested by your university. However, this will only be done once it is included within the word count that you have ordered.

We will not write the document for you, as ‘writing’ is a totally different service. We will however advise you if your document needs drastic improvement before an editor can proceed.

We will paraphrase sections of your document during the editing process in order to improve its readability.

Yes, your university cannot object to you seeking an editing or proofreading service. Our services are totally legal and moral.

We will give you two documents. Once of the documents will show you where the editor or proofreader has seen errors on your paper. These red text and comments are only there to show you where corrections were made and what corrections have been done. You will have this file for your information only. However, the second document will be a clean version, which you will use to submit to your university, job search or business purposes.


What our Customer's Say

The Supreme Edit Team offers the best support and Editing / proofreading I’ve experienced, with a response time almost immediate and always ready to tackle the last minute assignments!

Sometimes you can have certain issues looking for those services online, but we found Supreme Edit reliable, trustworthy and deliver always on time or even before! I’m very happy with their services and I will definitely be using them again in the future!


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