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About Supreme Edit

Supreme Edit is one of the UK’s best Editing and Proofreading companies. At Supreme Edit, we pride ourselves on delivering the best editing and proofreading services requested by our customers. We aim to have happy and satisfied customers who will recommend others to use our service. Our target market is mostly a student population, who need their essays, reports, coursework and dissertation to edit and proofread. As an international student, English can be very complicated, and this is why we offer this service to students who need that certainty of their written paper before submitting it. However, we also target business companies and working professionals who may need a business document editing service or even their written documents proofread before sending it to their companies.

We are located in England and registered with HMRC. Supreme Edit core values are integrity, trust and honesty.

Reasons to Use Us

There are countless reasons why you should use our services.

  • Our Editors and Proofreaders are all Masters and or PhD qualified. We will only assign your document to the most suitably qualified editor who closely matches paper subject area.
  • Our Editors are all located within the United Kingdom and are proficient speakers and Editors of the English language.
  • Our editors will not just edit the document you present to them but will give you tailor-made advise as to whether or not paper meets the required standard to be accepted by your university or company.
  • We always ensure that you are satisfied with the completed edition of your original document. Therefore we have a revision policy, which allows you to return to us if you’re not happy with what you would have received from our editors.
  • You are allowed to log in and communicate directly with your editor or proofreader through our secured dashboard under your account.

What our Customer's Say

I must say, I was extremely impressed with the service: Administration was lovely to deal with and my editor was fantastic. She did the work a lecturer would have done on my essay, because she didn’t simply checked my references or for spelling mistakes, she actually left comments teaching me what to do and not to do. When my edited paper was uploaded, she sent a message explaining her view on the piece, too: she gave me feedback, which was very useful. My editor had a PhD and had experience as a teacher in university, and it really showed.


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Supreme Edit

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Mobile: 07596 155939
Landline: 020 7060 6540

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